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Frequently asked questions


Q: What is a difference between a Standard Definition (SD) and a High Definition Video (HD)?

A: The main difference between those two is that HD video offers significantly increased picture clarity and improved vibrancy in colors.

Q: What does "cinematic" mean?

A: There are a few components that create a cinematic look of a video:

  • HD cameras that generate a full frame HD 1080p format, as well as, 16:9 widescreen format

  • Utilization of various lenses for depth of field

  • Ability to work with camera angles, focus, lighting and color to produce images that will be used creatively to tell a compelling story

Q: Do I need to decide up front if I want a HD video?

A: No, you can decide later. It is possible to shoot in HD and then edit in SD so clients can make their choice at any time post-production.

Q: Can I negotiate the price?

A: Yes. Although we created our four main wedding packages, we are very flexible when it comes to a final price. We understand that every wedding is different, therefore there are different demands and circumstances that can often help to lower the cost of your wedding.

Q: What is deposit and when is it due?

A: The deposit is an amount payable as a pledge for a contract and it is due at the time of signing agreement.

Q: When is the remaining balance due?

A: It is due one week before wedding day.

Q: How long does it take for the client to receive the final video?

A: We usually discuss that with our clients when signing agreement. The editing time differs and it often depends on the peek times (wedding season). Usually it takes between three and six months.

Q: Will you provide access to your raw footage?

A: Raw footage is available to purchase at additional cost.

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